2017  Founding of his own horse practice

2017  Commissioner Swiss     Association for Equine Medicine SVPM

2016  Veterinary diploma for horses FVH

2015  Doctorate on the department         Equine surgery at the University of Zurich with Prof. Anton Fürst on the subject of "The Obwegeser-Cerclagen technique for treating jaw fractures in horses"

2014  Graduate equine dentist GST


2014  Assistant doctor in the horse and small animal practice Jaggin + Luder   AG, clinical activity: orthopedics

2013/14  Assistant doctor at the National Horse Center in Bern

2012  Assistant doctor at the Leimental Veterinary Clinic

2011  Scientific work on a new screw position for the fixation of coffin bone fractures

2011  FVH resident at the equine clinic of the Vet- suisse Faculty in Bern

2008/11  Assistant doctor at the Leimental Veterinary Clinic

2008  Training as an FTVT

2007/8  State examination

2004/8  Collaboration in the emergency service at the cantonal animal hospital in Zurich on the horse and livestock department FTVT